Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who is Fran Snyder?

Our fates seem intertwined somehow, but we can't manage to get on the same timeline.

Fran was a high school friend -- a fellow sax player -- that graduated a year ahead of me. The night before I left for college, I went to a party at Fran's that I'll never forget. I learned several new card games, including one that involved wishing ill upon one's neighbor. We reveled until the wee hours, at which point we terrorized a local Dunkin Donuts. It was quite a send off.

A few years later, completely out of the blue, Fran called me for a little sax. He had taken up the guitar, was recording a CD and needed a saxophone player. I was in San Francisco at the time, but I remember getting together with him later that year and trying to "jam" a little with him. For some reason, I didn't hear from him about any more recording sessions.

A year or so later, I ran into Fran again. His music career was sailing along and he had quite a following in Tampa. I went to a benefit concert he was doing and it was outstanding. A few months later, it was off to Atlanta for me, but I kept in touch with him. Then, about the time I was moving out of Hotlanta, he was moving in. I think he wanted to get in on the burgeoning music scene in Buckhead. Sadly, I never saw him play there.

I've lived mostly in Kansas since then, until my very recent transition to Missouri. Then, like a 3-point basket after the buzzer, Fran emails me. "Hey, I'm moving to Lawrence!" Great. Late again. Or was I early?

I've really enjoyed his music over the years. He has a lively, energetic acoustic style (with some blues and jazz thrown in) and isn't afraid to make his music personal -- even the funny songs. It is well worth a visit to his website where you can listen for free and buy his CD. He's also on itunes. If your married, or have ever had a sister complain about your toilet etiquette, be sure to listen to "I Left the Seat Up."

So is there a spiritual or philosophical message in this story? You tell me.


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