Monday, March 06, 2006

Making Evangelicals Look Stupid

Richard Dawkins does a great job of making us look dumb in this video. Of course, he does an equally good job of making himself look rude. I suspect he is sincerely troubled by the whole intelligent design debate, and is afraid that the anti-science attitude of many born-again Christians will drag us back into the middle ages. I also suspect that Dawkins has some unresolved psychological issues that drive him to pick fights with Christians.

On a side note, if Ted Haggard is the voice of evangelicalism, then I'm going to need some powerful anti-depressants.

(Thanks to Johnny-Dee for the video.)


Blogger The Bearded said...

Richard Dawkins struck me as arrogent, while Ted Haggard seemed dull (as in the opposite of "sharp"). I think I would agree that it is Richard who in the end wins the round if only for the fact that Ted wasn't familiar enough with history to hold a conversation on that level.

What do you think Mr. Dawkins reaction would be if he stepped into a church, such as your own, and met a handful of Believers who seem to have bridged the gap?

8:54 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

Ted Haggard gives me the creeps. I saw him on the Barbara Walters Special on ABC concerning the afterlife. I think it may be the perpetual smile that bothers me (especially when he is speaking about unbelievers going to hell).

12:41 PM  

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