Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hats for the Headless

I often feel this way when I'm trying to communicate something to someone -- whether it's the gospel, or philosophy, or some crazy musing about a banana.

Headless Town
Shel Silverstein
Selling hats in Headless Town --
Special sale, so gather 'round.
Short brim, wide brim, white or brown,
Hats for sale -- in Headless Town.
Selling hats in Headless Town --
Stetson, bonnet, cap, or crown,
Isn't there one soul around
Who needs a hat in Headless Town?
Selling hats in Headless Town
Sure can get a fella down,
But there's a way
If there's a will
(I once sold shoes
In Footlessville.)


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