Monday, April 17, 2006

World A vs. World B

Imagine two worlds: World A and World B.

In A, we have all the technology we have now, and maybe even more. Cars, planes, and battleships; laptops, cell phones and ipods; HDTV, TiVO, and DVDs; microwaves, toasters, and blenders; radiology, laser surgery and pharmaceuticals. However, there is a severe shortage of art, music, and beauty. There are no budding Michelangelos, Mozarts or Millers; no Shakespeares, Aristotles or Lewises. Architecture is purely functional -- right angles through and through. Landscaping -- deemed inefficient and superfluous. Parking lots instead of parks. You get the idea.

In B, we have very little of the technology found in World A. We have indoor plumbing and electricity, but little else. No cars, no planes, no computers, no Viagra, Paxil or Ambien. Antibiotics and anesthetics are it. No chemotherapy or raidation treament, no cosmetic dentistry (tooth hurts? yank it!). No knee replacements or liver transplants. Life expectancy is low and infant mortality is high. However, our culture is brimming with artistic geniuses comparable to the classical masters. Music, literature and sculpture are commonplace. Buildings take time to build, but are a wonder to behold. Parks and green spaces teem with flowers and trees. Every child grows up with a rich exposure to these things.

In which world would you prefer to live?


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