Monday, May 15, 2006

Me & God: A Winning Team

Well, I've recovered nicely from my bout of cynicism evident in my previous post.

To build on earlier meditations, I've been considering the idea of what it means to do life with God. Perhaps in part it means investing myself in pursuits that are inherently cooperative with Him. Almost anything could fall into this sphere. I'd exclude things that make teamwork with God more difficult -- selling used cars, telemarketing, being a professional torturer, etc.

Similarly, whatever we happen to find ourselves doing, we can try to do it synergistically with God. So, we're selling our home. We can do it in the flesh, or we can trust God to carry part of the load. This isn't "God helps those . . ." What I mean is, we typically approach things in the flesh -- obsessively attending to every detail in order to manipulate the situation in our favor, and fretting endlessly about the outcome. What if we spent half the time preparing, and half the time praying? Even better, what if we spent all our time praying as we prepared?


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