Saturday, August 05, 2006


We are seeking a church home in our new city. We have always warned others of the perils of "church shopping" -- a big sin. Right up there with smoking and voting for Democrats.

So, since we're not shopping, what are we doing? Church-courting? Church-evaluating? We visit a church, we listen to the sermon, we sing the songs, we meet people, we read their doctrinal statements and vision plans . . . oh my God, we ARE shopping!

So, can someone define or explain to me what a "not-church-shopping" approach is? How should we go about finding the right place? Cast lots? What if we go to the WRONG church? Our lives will be ruined forever!


Blogger Chris Barker said...

There's always moving back to Manhattan... Just a thought.

11:33 PM  
Blogger pastor david said...

If you're going to shop, make sure you find a good guide.. Try:
or my favorite,


11:42 AM  

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