Friday, May 04, 2007

A Rag Man!

Bill Vallicella, a.k.a., Maverick Philosopher posted some ingenious anagrams of famous chess players:

- Vladimir Akopian: I nail a dim Karpov
- Alexander Grischuk: Crush a relaxed king
- Artyom Timofeev: Move forty — I mate!
- Susan Polgar: A gal on spurs

And then one on his own moniker:
- Bill Vallicella: All vice! Ill ball.

So here's mine:
- "Cad, she grinds!"
- "Shred, scan, dig."

So, to make this relevant to my blog, here are a few others. Leave a comment if you can guess who they are: (punctuation can be added in)

- "i.e., lost art"
- "Lovin' Jach!"
- "A gun? Use it."
- "Secret Red Sean"

How about an anagram of your own name?



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