Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I am allergic to "postmodernism." "Postmodernism" gives me indigestion. "Postmodernism" causes cancer. Stop "postmodernism!" God hates "postmodernism." Make love, not "postmodernism!" "Postmodernism" is raping the planet.

Just had to get that out, in an irrational, stream-of-consciousness, expressionist, deconstructionist, existential, post-modern sort of way.

I am often deeply troubled by "postmodernism." I mean, is it one word, or two? Should I use a hyphen? Should it be capitalized, or in quotes? Is it OK to refer to "it" as "pomo" or "PM?" How can I sleep at night with these questions running through my head? There are no answers!

I am comforted, however, when I hear others affirming my concern. That way, I know that insanity is still a few months off. William Lane Craig, for whom I have great respect, in a recent interview has this to say about PM and today's students:

"Frankly, I don’t confront many students who are postmodernists. For all the faddish talk, I think it’s a myth. Students aren’t generally relativistic and pluralistic, except when it comes to ethics and religion. But that’s not postmodernism, that’s modernism. That’s old-style verificationism, which says things that are verifiable through the five senses are factual, but everything else is just a matter of taste (including ethics and religion). I think it’s a deceit of our age to say that modernism is dead."

"…I think today’s student is also suffering information overload. There can be an intellectual futility when there is too much information to take on board. The easiest path to take becomes the one that says, ‘There can’t be any answers because I don’t know how to push forward through all of this information”."

This is related to another recent post of mine concerning the dangers of information overload.

So for all of you who affirm orthodox Christianity, beware "postmodernism." "Postmodernism" killed the cat. Look before you "postmoderism." "Postmodernism" at your own risk. According to the Surgeon General, "postmodernism" may be harmful to your health, and should not be taken while operating heavy machinery. Patients who took "postmodernism" experienced nausea, constipation and certain sexual side-effects.

(Kudos to Joe Carter at evangelical outpost for these links and inspiration. Check it out.)
(Also, visit the Postmodern Generator, which creates meaningless essays with random PM buzz-phrases. It's a hoot.)


Anonymous Matt Jordan said...

Chris, I really like your blog -- and it's good to see some authentic Gadsden-style humor again. I was just wondering if the Joe Carter to whom you refer is the same Joe Carter who played left field for the Indians in the late 80's. Can you let me know? Thanks.

9:28 AM  
Blogger chris said...

I seriously doubt it's the same Joe Carter. You can find his bio here.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous mj said...

That might be true for you, Chris, but for me there will always be just one Joe Carter.

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Adam Robertson said...

I really like that bit that William Lane Craig said about post-modernism being a myth! He is absolutely right in saying that it is just the the same old stuff that Russell and his cohorts (Wittengenstein, Carnap, Schlick, etc.) were preaching. Post-modernists treat all the emperical stuff pretty dogmatically, it is just the metaphysical stuff (the important stuff) that they want to get all touchy over.

8:20 PM  

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