Sunday, January 15, 2006

Quote of the Week 1/15/06

"Religions appeared worshipping the nonbeing and self-annihilation for the sake of an eternal repose in nothing ness."
OK, before you shake your head and click away to ESPN or EBay, this quote isn't all that abstruse. (Although, the word 'abstruse' may be.) Philosophical guru Douglas Groothuis (that's pronounced "Grow-tyce") explains that this is an erudite, although biting, description of Buddhist-type relgions.

If you're not familiar with Buddhism, Dostoyevsky is simply pointing out that essentially the ultimate reality, for them, is not a god, but rather nothingness. Also, the ultimate goal of the religion is not enlightenment, but rather to deny your identity and become nothing.

If anyone actually read this blog, I'd be worried about unintentionally misrepresenting or offending Buddhists.


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