Wednesday, April 05, 2006

John Frum Divine

I've been stewing on this story for quite a while. I'm almost not sure how to comment on it. It's almost too disturbing to dwell on.

During World War II, many "cargo cults" developed in the South Pacific. American sailors would visit the islands, hand out free goodies and supplies to the natives, and then ship off back home. Just an ordinary goodwill visit, except that these sailors were later elevated to the level of deity.

One particular cult in the village of Lamakara worships a man named "John Frum." They await his return and the accompanying cargo of material blessings. Sound a little familiar? You can read about it on the Smithsonian Magazine website here.

So what does this mean? That human beings are so ready to worship something that even the most ridiculous dogma seems OK? That industrialized countries should not interfere with primitive cultures (the "prime directive")? That our Enemy is busy creating newer and better illusions with which to lead people astray? I don't know. It just gives me the creeps.


Blogger mark said...

Is this still happening today if it is I hope that the people doing this are put in jail.

12:56 AM  

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