Friday, June 23, 2006

And the Dancer Said . . .

The comments on the previous post were Hall-of-Fame material, if I had a Hall-of-Fame.

abe said...
started singing "do tha conga" by miami sound machine.

melissa said...
Depends on the type of dance s/he was a professor of:Modern - "Oh that's fantastic! The natural movement of children is dance at its purest form!"Ballet - "Fool! Never allow a child to ruin our sacred art. They must be properly trained in technique, choreography...":)Am excited to hear the actual reaction.

Bdub said...
If he was quick-witted enough, maybe he told a story of how is three-year-old makes stuff with Lincoln-Logs.

I think Bdub wins.

So how did the dance professor react?

He was judicious and understanding, but obviously annoyed. I could see the years of frustration bubbling behind his visage -- years of not being taken seriously by the church. We as evangelicals tend to see such artistic pursuits as auxiliary "hobbies" rather than serious, Kingdom pursuits that involve genuine knowledge and truth.

On a side-note, I don't know if he was modern or ballet, but from Melissa's comment, I might guess ballet. He talked a lot about training and technique. And he was wearing a tutu.


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