Saturday, June 17, 2006

Satanic Suds?

Apparently, the Southern Baptist Convention still has it's you-know-what up it's you-know-what. Here's a well-written post commenting on their recent affirmation of legalism, i.e., condemning the use of alcohol. You can also find a link to the actual resolution at that same site.

Am I being too hard on the SBC? My journey with Christ began there, and I owe them a debt of gratitude. My name is probably still in the books at good ol' Celebration Baptist in Tallahassee. The SBC is full of godly men and women, but they have been blinded to their legalism because of the cultural milieu in which they exist -- the South.

The blogger I linked to actually quotes John Piper on the subject. Now, I'm no Piper-fan, seeing as how I'm neither a piper nor a fan, but he does make some sense. Luther, known to quaff a brew or three, is also quoted.

Personally, in my tradition, partaking of the fruits of fermentation is essential. (Hint: in England, "pissed" means drunk.)

(Hat Tip to Joe at Evangelical Outpost)


Blogger Jill Pole said...

Chris - Yet again I'm reminded of how embarassing it can be to be a Southern Baptist. Uggh. Sometimes I think there are some very stupid (not to mention culturally insensitive and crazy) people in charge of the SBC. Thank goodness my local congregation is lead by thoughtful men who read the Bible on a regular basis.

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