Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ich liebe Fußball

I can't wait for tomorrow's match between USA and the Czech Republic. The American side is predicted to do well this year -- perhaps even top their 2002 quarter-final appearance!

Here's a preview of the match.

I've always loved soccer -- somehow that was the sport I fell into as a lad. My soccer-story is a bit of a tragedy. Played all my life, but couldn't make my high-school team! Of course, I was competing with 200 other hopefuls for 25 spots, and I was #28 my junior year. That team went on to win the 4-A state championship. I would have given my left ______ just to sit on the bench. Still ranks as one of the 5 biggest disappoinments of my life. Played some club soccer at Florida State, but it was no consolation. Unfulfilled dreams (sigh).


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