Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mary Moments in My Martha Life

The story has lost its punch. Over-read, over-preached.

Read it afresh. And I don't care if you are a type-A or type-B personality, anal-retentive or anal-expulsive, busy-body or lazy-bones -- you're a Martha. We are born Marthas. To be Martha is just to live as if there is no God. You don't even have to try. I'll bet you're doing it right now.

We miss the real truth about Mary & Martha. Here it is: you don't have to stop working to enjoy Jesus. He is in you. "Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you!" Do you recognize this? Not as a doctrine, but by experience?

The truth is, you and I can have Mary moments any hour of our tornado-like, American lives.


Blogger The Bearded said...

I listened to a commentary on Martha and Mary recently that suggested the reason (or at least a large reason) why Martha was so incistent Mary should leave Jesus' company and help her was that in that society women were not to be in listening to a rabbi in such a way.

The comment shed new light on an ancient story. The comment also seems to fit a number of similar stories within Luke where barriers were being brought down as the Good News was shared with all.

ps--thanks for the map! I had seen it before, but hadn't seen the article that went with it. Thanks!

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