Monday, July 02, 2007

Dour-faced Library-dwellers

Setting: the Library. I'm working fastidiously at my laptop at something or other, when a friend trots in and over to my table for a quick hello. We exchange hushed greetings, and then, from a near-by table, I get "it." The glare. Our chatter has disturbed the sacred concentration of some cloistered scholar. I reckon he don't care to join in our visitation, neither.

I guess the library is just the place to go if you are of the dour-faced variety. You can cooperate in pristine silence with other folks who relish their sobriety like a fancy-wrapped present that's never been opened.

What pains me is that I've delivered a glare or two in my time. OK, more than two, but who's counting? I'm reformed. I've sworn off the glaring for today at least.


Blogger derek said...

Thanks for this Chris. I know of these "dour-faced" people you speak of. When i see them, i'm a combo of anger and envy at how they are able to afford (both in $$$ and in time) to develop those faces.

For example, can one be married and dour-faced? I'm doubtful, as marriage requires a big enough time-commitment to keep one from becoming such a library vet.

4:43 PM  

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