Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Calvin & Hobbes Teach Us Something About Evangelism

Long blog posts often deter me, but this one was worth the 5 minutes it took to read it. Theologian Fred Sanders contemplates what Christians can learn about communicating the gospel from Bill Watterson, author of Calvin & Hobbes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I read the complete thread about C and H. Some of the rants spoke directly to me after just posting to the Haitus blog. I am going to need time to chew on some of the important points the thread brought up. I agree that our lives rightly lived extend the witness far beyond any words written or spoken, as slogans or commentaries or the like. When I was on the outside looking in, the fallen believer always pained me, and justified my atheistic tendencies. However, a life well lived and one who spoke truth over my lies, I was stopped dead in my tracks...forced to wrestle with my beliefs. Now, again, a wrestling match. Bubble Gum Bibles: a gentle reminder or a sell out bordering on sin? Thanks for the challenge!

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