Saturday, December 29, 2007

Did Jesus *Have* To Be Human?

Alexander Pruss, Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy at Baylor, has an interesting post concerning St. Athanasius' claim that Jesus had to be human in order to accomplish our redemption. (This concerns your question, Joel.)


Blogger Joel said...

Thanks for addressing my question. Subsequent to the 1978 Star Wars Holiday special and my conversation with my brother (picture that, one 8 and one 11 year old amateur theologian discussing the relevance of Jesus beyond Earth), we came to the conclusion that Jesus was a human because he brought salvation to humankind. Now, there may very well be similar stories happening far and wide across the Universe, each with their own "Jesus" character, who knows. But Jesus is uniquely human.

Good to see that Alexander Pruss has the good sense to concur with such high-brow thinkers as the pre-adolescent Ringdahl kids (or, did I read it wrong, it's been known to happen).

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