Friday, June 23, 2006

Pensées from NFLC

Here are some of the more memorable thought-bites I've heard so far:

Dr. Peter Kreeft (Philosophy, Boston College)

  • Death is either a hole, or a door.
  • The first task of the evangelist is not to preach the gospel. It is to encourage the seeking of the seeker. There is nothing more pointless than an answer to a question that has never been asked.
  • The one remedy for all the ills of man is silence. (Kierkegaard)

Dr. Paul Marshall (Senior Fellow, Center for Religious Freedom)

  • The term "fundamentalist" is used to encompass both Osama Bin Ladan and the Amish -- any term with such elasticity is of course meaningless.
  • Religions are like the tectonic plates, and wars are the earthquakes.


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