Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Scholar's Prayer

Lord and Savior, true and kind,be the master of my mind;
bless and guide and strengthen stillall my powers of thought and will.

While I ply the scholar's task,Jesus Christ be near I ask;
help the memory, clear the brain,knowledge still to seek and gain.

Here I train for life's swift race;let me do it in thy grace;
here I arm me for life's fight;let me do it in thy might.

Thou hast made me mind and soul;I for thee would use the whole.
Thou hast died that I might live;all my powers to thee I give.

Striving, thinking, learning still,let me follow thus thy will;
till my whole glad nature be,trained for duty and for thee.

C.G. Moule, Anglican Bishop of Durham, 1901-1920.


Anonymous derek said...

Wow Chris, that is awesome! I am really encouraged by that. I hope that God may bless you with his nearness as you seek to love him with your mind.

Take care brother,


9:34 PM  

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