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My first week at Talbot School of Theology (fall 2000), I attended the pre-semester student retreat. All the new students in the philosophy program sat in a circle, introducing themselves one by one. We came around to Sean. "I'm Sean McDowell. Yeah, my dad is Josh McDowell." Next, "I'm Kyle Strobel, and yes, my dad is Lee Strobel." Then there was Matt from Ohio. "I'm Matt Jordan. My dad is Michael Jordan." Laughter erupted. (Matt bore no resemblance to His Airness.)
As I grew to know Sean and Kyle, I saw that they both had inherited their fathers' gifts, and more. Both had razor-sharp minds, good looks and winsome dispositions. I hated them immediately. But seriously, I loved getting to know and study alongside them. I would even venture to say that they possessed a certain spiritual groundedness that stretched beyond that of their fathers. Predictably, they've gone on to bigger and better things since then.
But I must admit I felt a tinge of envy in my soul when I recently browsed through Kyle Strobel's website (metamorpha.com) and glimpsed his burgeoning young ministry. I'm also reading his book of the same name. Why the envy? Is it because he seems to be growing in recognition and influence? No. It's because he's doing something that I secretly wish I were doing -- bringing more and more Christians in contact with the life-giving concepts and practices of the spiritual formation tradition.

I think Kyle's site is worth a click. For those of you who are already in the spiritual formation trade (pastors, teachers, disciplers, etc.), it might be a helpful resource. Here's a good place to start -- three tasty video nuggets from three of my heroes (where 'heroes' is used in a non-idolatrous sense): Dallas Willard, John Coe, and Richard Foster. Kyle and I were both profoundly impacted by Prof. Coe and the Institute for Spiritual Formation.

As for the book, I'm still reading it, so I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.


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I'm looking forward to browsing through the site.

By the way, I remember playing with Sean when we were kids there in Ft Collins. Funny little memories of growing up...

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