Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh No! The Jesus Tomb!

If you heard the hoopla about the "Jesus Tomb," you may want to check out this post by Ben Witherington of Asbury Seminary. He is a reputable scholar and has some great perspective.


Blogger The Bearded said...

When will people get it? Maybe I'm a skeptic, but I think we're too far removed to ever find an object that we can say with 100% certainty "this belonged to Jesus!" I'm not sure God would want to leave anything for us anyway...can you imagine the idol worship?

My skepticism does not carry over to writings that were compiled 2000 years ago. I'm not suggesting we will learn more about who Jesus was, per se, but it would not surprise me if there are more caves containing writings that validate what we already know.

7:44 PM  
Blogger derek said...


thanks for the link man. I enjoyed witherington's opinions.

6:39 PM  

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