Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Les Bleus vs. Azzurri

Well, the World Cup final left me feeling a little blue. France was the better team overall, but Italy's defense was more solid than Carrera marble. Their goal was more impenetrable than Vatican security. Buffon (the goalkeeper) was more brilliant than a Renaissance artist. My analogies are more clever than a one-liner in a Mafia movie.

Sadly, Zidane's temper erupted more inauspiciously than Vesuvius, and the French side was left buried in ash when all was said and done. What in the bleep was he thinking? Something really horrible must have been said to him, but nothing could have warranted such a flame-out. A soiled end to a stellar career. One of the best ever. I felt a little ashamed to be wearing my Zidane jersey after the game, but I'll stand by him -- True Bleu.

Honestly, I was a little torn as to who to root for, but seeing as how I've been to visit both the Frogs and the Romans, and how the French were far friendlier (surprisingly), I cheered on Les Bleus instead of the Azzurri. Okay, the De Rossi elbow to McBride's nose may have influenced me a little.

If you want to see a video of Zidane's head butt, go here and click on video highlights, then watch the Italy v. France reel.


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